In addition to our Artist’s corner, the Benson Beat would like to introduce you to our Artist of the Week. If you want the 4-1-1 on some of the special things happening with one of our local artists, this is the place to be.

Jeremiah Neal

Photo Credit: Omaha World Herald- Kent Sievers


This week, we’d like to tell you the story about one of our local residents, Jeremiah Neal. He’s cooking up some big plans to erect a mural for the college World Series, and plans to take the idea to help communities preserve their history with art. See his bio below, and make sure to visit his site for more information!


Jeremiah Neal is a Michigan native, who found his way to Nebraska after serving his country in the U.S. Airforce, and the people of Michigan as a Medic at Mercy Hospital. Jeremiah now resides in Omaha, NE, and shares his art with the community. In his words, “It’s in my DNA to contribute to society at this point of my life; to continue painting and writing to help others to see life as the adventure it is.”

His journey in art has been a constant source of hope and inspiration in is life, and he is well accomplished in many areas of artistic expression. His work can be found around town in the murals of the Sienna Francis House, the KROC Center, Silverstone Group, and the American National Bank at 90th and Dodge Street, in Omaha. His mentorship with art educator Eddith Buiss sparked a an artistic fire in Jeremiah that was showcased in several exhibits in various galleries around town. His work could be found in one and two man shows in the Hot Shops art center, Phipps Gallery, Scott Center and Sienna Francis House.

Currently, Jeremiah is actively involved supervising the program “Finding A Voice” and the Sienna Francis House, and is proud to be part of the Midsummer’s Company mural team, who’s projects include the well-known Supermercado and the VFW mural in Omaha, NE.

Last, but not least, Jeremiah is particularly excited to be involved in the 2018 Legacy Mural Challenge, as this project is intended to help preserve the legacy of the influential voices of our past, present, and future within our community. (

To contact Jeremiah directly regarding the commission of a mural, portrait, or other painting you may send a direct email to: