We <3 BFF.


In Benson, its nearly impossible to NOT experience Art. With every corner you turn, and in many faces you see during every trip down our own “Main St.” (Maple Street between 72nd and 52nd), you are being submersed into a culture born of and fueled by an artisitic energy. Even the business that aren’t directly involved in promoting or creating art are here because they enjoy the diversity and creativity that their neighbors and community activities bring.

We, at Benson Beat are proud to be community partners of Benson First Friday. This organization has put forth so much effort to create a platform for local artists to showcase their trade, and use their gifts to not only improve commerce for their benefit, but also to draw patrons directly to the businesses of Benson proper. The symbiosis of this arrangement isn’t a testament to the culture we live and LOVE in 68104.

We would like to formally thank BFF and their artists for making our neighborhood a better place, and provide their artists space on this page to be found, and matched with potential patrons. If you are looking for a gift, lessons, or just want to know more about art… please contact the artists in the directory found here!

Benson First Friday’s Participating Artists

Alex Jochim- Photography

Maggie Webber – Muralist, Painter